About us

Are you looking for a heat pump or air conditioner that gives excellent value for money?  Online Heat Pumps have partnered up with Degree Ltd, a reputable Wellington based company with over 15 years in the industry, to offer you affordable solutions for all heating and air conditioning requirements.

Online Heat Pumps provide low cost and energy efficient options to purchase online.  We’re here to help you buy an affordable & reliable product.  If you are outside the Wellington region, we may be able to recommend a local installer.  We are here to guide you through this process so if you need to talk to our experts please contact us today via email for a great Heat Pump or Air Conditioner deal!

Gree heat pumps are produced by the 3rd largest manufacturer in the world and provide excellent value for money.  Although they’re not well known in New Zealand, Gree have a 6 year-warranty.  If you do experience a malfunction, this can be easily repaired or replaced locally.

Panasonic heat pumps are designed to provide more than just cooling and heating within the comfort of your home.  They’re a modern appliance that saves on energy, whilst purifying your surroundings.  These consoles automatically adjust their cooling and heating power to suit your living space and lifestyle, which is awesome.

Toshiba heat pumps pumps look stylish while delivering home heating technology that is healthy for your family.  They’re also energy-efficient and quiet to run.  The Toshiba console is a robust unit if you reside near salty water.

Did You Know?

All heat pump manufacturers offer floor or high-wall models.  A hiwall mounted heatpump is ideal especially in rentals or smaller spaces as they are up out of the way!  Floor consoles are ideal for older people, who may have poor circulation, as they do a better job of heating the room from the floor level guaranteeing a uniform heat of the room.

Consumer rating guide information

Heat pumps or air conditioners are one of the most popular means of heating or cooling homes in New Zealand. Click here for The Consumer NZ guide to heat pumps which is available, to help you find the perfect heat pump or air conditioner for your home, bach or business.

Portable Heat Pumps or Air Conditioner

Portable Heat Pumps or air conditioners are easy and convenient to use.  Don’t be at the mercy of the weather!  Contact us today for “plug in and go” options. These units are a quick fix for a short-term or long-term solution.

Warranty on Heat pumps

You will either receive a 5-year or 6-year warranty depending on which brand you choose. 

The warranty is held by Gree, Panasonic or Toshiba, so in the unusual event of something malfunctioning, you would make us, 'Online Heatpumps' your first call.


We are leaders in technology, and do inform our customers on new technology that is introduced - such as Comfort Master- and the new PEBBLEAIR Iphone/Android app. which is suitable for most major brands.


Piece of mind

If you live in the Wellington region, whether you have bought from 'Online Heatpumps' or not, we can service your Heat Pump by way of repairing your faults or just maintaining your Heat Pump to ensure it is running to optimum performance.

It's just a simple email to enquiries@onlineheatpumps.co.nz.