About us

Warranty on Heat pumps

You will either receive a 5-year warranty depending on which brand you choose. 

The warranty is held by Gree or Panasonic, so in the unusual event of something malfunctioning, you would make us, 'Online Heatpumps' your first call.


We are leaders in technology, and do inform our customers on new technology that is introduced - such as Comfort Master- and the new PEBBLEAIR Iphone/Android app. which is suitable for most major brands.


Piece of mind

If you live in the Wellington region, whether you have bought from 'Online Heatpumps' or not, we can service your Heat Pump by way of repairing your faults or just maintaining your Heat Pump to ensure it is running to optimum performance.

It's just a simple email to enquiries@onlineheatpumps.co.nz.